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Tours of Tuscany
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Sunday, March 21, 2010


DVD ‘...Arrivi ... Partenze’

Following over a Century of history of migration to Australia “...Arrivi ... Partenze” offers now a new reading of the migration phenomenon in XXI Century Australia.
The dance-theatre piece “...Arrivi ... Partenze” intends to explore the issue of movement and its various meanings: necessary condition for the human being, expression form and communication medium; need of a group resulting in nomadism and migration. The multimedia performance incorporates the use of music, dance, acting, video projections and various other art forms. 
“...Arrivi ... Partenze” traces the path of the soul – unchanged through the Centuries – that the individual has to undergo whilst moving in a physical-geographical dimension during his migration process; the piece stages a variety of physical intersecting paths reflecting the complex empirical reality of our days.

Duration: 50 min

Presented by DADAdance
Project by the Italian Consulate for QLD $ NT
Produce by New Realm Media
Executive Producer Alessandro Sorbello

‘Arrivi…partenze’ Highlights

Price: $20

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