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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Angelo's Fresh Pasta

Angelo first started hand-making pasta under his house and since then, the business has steadily grown to become Queensland’s largest award-winning pasta producer.

From day one, the business was a success: after he delivered his first batch of fettuccine to Sala’s delicatessen, the product was so popular it sold out that very morning. In fact, Angelo was so busy making pasta that he didn’t have time to pack it. Delicatessen owners used to visit his home to weigh and pack their own fettuccine to take to sell in their shops. Angelo’s Fresh Pasta Products is truly a family business. Angelo still makes pasta on the factory floor and is joined by his wife, Val, and three of their children.

"The product speaks for itself," says Angelo, who takes pride in using only natural ingredients and 100% durum semolina flour. No preservatives are added to any product and the fat content is surprisingly low. Angelo uses an array of fresh herbs and spices to flavour his pasta products.

Over the years, Angelo’s range has grown as customers have suggested new products they would like to see added—such as the boutique pasta range, spinach and ricotta filled products and pasta sauces. There are now more than 30 different products, giving customers a considerable selection to choose from.

Angelo’s Fresh Pasta Products has won many awards for their pasta products at the Sydney Royal Food Show and won the Pasta Championship for the 100% Durum Wheat Fresh Pasta category in 2003. Today, they supply the food service industry including restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, delicatessens and even corner stores. Angelo’s is now supplying Hog’s Breath Café Australia, the largest home-grown restaurant chain in Australia and New Zealand, with their Ricotta and Spinach Filled Tortelloni.

"For the first time in 19 years, we have introduced pasta on our menus across Australia and NZ," says Manfred Lorber, Director of Food Services for Hog’s Breath Cafe Australia. "It didn’t take us that long to find the ideal supply partner. It was very important to us to provide our customers the most authentic experience possible. Angelo’s Pasta was the natural choice. Angelo’s has a reputation for producing the best and most consistent pasta in the Industry."

Hog’s Breath Cafe is very proud to team up with this renowed Italian family who share the same values as Hog’s Breath Cafe to produce flavourful food with passion and attention to detail.

In forty years, Angelo’s Fresh Pasta Products has certainly come a long way. Angelo attributes determination and hard work as the secret recipe of his success.

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