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Tours of Tuscany
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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Brisbane Metropolitan Bands Letter of Support Italian Week 2010

Letter of Support from Helen Hall

Helen Hall,

President Brisbane Metropolitan Bands Inc

7th July 2010

Dear Alessandro,

I would like to register an expression of interest in a collaboration with you for Italian Week 2011.
I believe it would be of great benefit to the wider community for the bands of Brisbane to be involved in an event that supports and promotes Italian culture and lifestyle in Brisbane and provides musicians and artists an opportunity to perform in a multicultural environment.

With the support of the Brisbane City Council, Brisbane Metropolitan bands undertake a series of community based concerts which are provided free to the people of Brisbane. A collaboration with Italian Week would be a further enhancement to the diversity of Brisbane’s musical fabric. 

Some suggestions for this collaboration in Italian Week 2011 include 
Marching brass bands as part of a street festival with roving jazz musicians
Outdoor symphonic concerts featuring opera singers
Swing bands playing music from Sinatra and popular contemporary Italian composers
Community orchestras playing classical Italian repertoire

I look forward to our future collaboration and the opportunity to enrich the musical and cultural diversity of Brisbane.

Helen Hall
Brisbane Metropolitan Bands Inc

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