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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pellegrino Scholarship for 2010


Cav. Stephen J. Pellegrino (SP) is offering one scholarship for 2010 to Australian citizens and Italian citizens permanently residing in Queensland. The scholarship is organised in conjunction with the Consulate of Italy in Brisbane. The scholarship is allocated for the duration of approximately one month.

The scholarship can be used to attend the following institution:
Centro Europeo di Toscolano (CET), localita’ Toscolano, 305020, Avigliano Umbro (TR) (see )

Scholarships cannot be granted to attend courses at:
• Non-Italian institutions such as universities, academies, schools of any nature.
• The candidate can apply for a scholarship to perform/attend:
• Study/Research in any field. It would be advantageous to the candidate to furnish a letter of pre-acceptance by the Italian institution that is going to assist him/her.
• Italian language and culture intensive courses.
• Work experience or internship in either the private or public sector. It would be advantageous to the candidate to furnish a letter of preacceptance by the Italian business house that is going to assist him/her.

Knowledge of the Italian language: It is advantageous for the applicant to possess a good knowledge of the Italian language, which can be proven by producing relevant certificates. Alternatively, it can be assessed by an interview carried out at the Italian Consulate.

The above recommendation can be disregarded:
• If the candidate intends to use the scholarship to attend an Italian language and culture course. • In case of independent research scholarships, provided that the candidate has obtained a letter from an Italian academic assuring his/her willingness to supervise the student in English or another vehicular language.
• If the candidate demonstrates that the fluency in the Italian Language is not required to adequately perform the duties pertaining to the chosen institution or professional and business organization.

Necessary qualifications:
The 2010 Scholarship is open to all candidates willing to improve in the fields of Arts with particular attention to music. The candidates must have obtained a formal school qualification at Secondary level (Senior Certificate) or Tertiary level (TAFE Diploma or Bachelor Degree). A relevant apprenticeship is also accepted.

Age limit: 18-25 years as at 2nd June 2010.

• Travel allowances (return airfare to the selected destination in Italy);
• Health insurance premium;
• Entrance Fee of the value of 3,750 Euros to attend the course at CET (equals to more than AU$ 7,000.00): this includes didactic activities, use of the musical/technical equipments, sporting facilities and hospitality/accommodation.

The application (in duplicate), complete with 1 passport size photo, must be written on plain paper and posted to the Education Office of the Consulate of Italy, Level 8, 199 George Street, Brisbane 4000, Each application must contain the following documents:

• Photocopy of the photo page of the passport OR of birth certificate;
• Curriculum vitae and academic record making particular reference to the activities carried out in the chosen field relating to the scholarship application;
• CD or DVD with a presentation and/or recorded music.
• A detailed plan, up to 500 words, of the activities to be developed in Italy supported, where possible, by evidence of the candidate's admission in the school, institute, workshop or organization, where the candidate wishes to study or work. Alternatively, the candidate can provide evidence of the application for enrolment in the chosen course;
• Photocopies of at least two letters of reference by QLD academic, Government or private authorities;
• Photocopies of Senior Certificate and/or Degrees, Diplomas, Apprenticeships awarded.

Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted.

• The period of fruition of the scholarship is valid between 30th June 2010 and 1st July 2011.

By the 15th of April 2010 a joint Committee comprised of Cav. Stephen J. Pellegrino and the Consul of Italy, or their representatives, will meet to examine the scholarship applications received by the due date and select a certain number of candidates (short list) for the granting of the scholarship.

By the 1st of May 2010 notification will be sent to all the candidates who have been selected by the Committee, requesting them to attend an interview at the Consulate of Italy, conducted by the joint committee. SP will reimburse travel expenses to those coming from outside the Brisbane metro area. The decision of the Committee is final. The winner of the scholarship will be announced during the Italian Week ( ), official celebration of the Italian National Day which will be held from May 26th to June 2nd, 2010. The finalist will have the opportunity to perform live on the occasion of a music performance during the same Italian Week. The winner must sign a disclaimer and, if not Italian, in the due course will provide the Consulate of Italy all the documents required to apply for an Italian visa. The winner of the scholarship on his/her return will give a written account of his/her time in Italy in order to record the experience and to give valuable knowledge to future applicants.

For any further information regarding the Pellegrino Scholarship for further Education in Italy - 2010, please contact:
Consulate of Italy - Education Office
Postal address: Level 8, 199 George Street, Brisbane QLD 4000.
Brisbane, 20 January 2010

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