Tours of Tuscany

Tours of Tuscany
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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Update for Italian Week 2010

Hello friends of Italian Week!

Well, we are well into planning and organizing Italian Week 2010 and thought we may update you on progress.

In order to grow the event and continue with the high level of cultural activities and production, we started as soon as the 2009 Italian Week finished. So on the drawing board for next year, we have a major National retailer collaborating with us and this will add great value – we will reveal the sponsor in due course however, this is a significant opportunity for us to gain commercial collaboration on a large scale from an organization which sees the potential of Italian Week!!

Over the past 6 months, we have had the good fortune to have Sir Llew Edwards mentoring and assisting with strategic planning and development and Sir Llew has discussed Italian Week with the Lord Mayor, who is pleased to assist.

We are working with the Hear and Say Centre, who is our official charity and who has assisted us with various grant applications. Including the Brisbane City Council, Multicultural Affairs, Creative Sparks and a number of others.

Entertainment is the focus for 2010 and we have a great lineup under way – we are looking to collaborate with as many organisations as we can and have already established a great connection with many great orchestra’s, choirs and musicians.

Once again we have the support of the Italian Motor Clubs and we are planning the Italian Motor Expo for the 3rd edition.

Our major partners and sponsors are back on board again for 2010 and the Queen Street Mall will be one of the main focus points for Italian Week 2010 along with a couple of other locations we are currently negotiating with.

Italian Fashion Week is planned once again for next year and we have some strong interest from a leading designer which we hope will produce a signature collection specifically for Italian Fashion Week.

That’s the news so far – more details in due course – in the meantime – ciao! A presto..

Best Regards
Alessandro Sorbello
Executive Producer, Italian Week

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